Friday, 28 April 2017
Marsascala has developed only in recent years from a small fishing village into the popular southern resort it is today. The harbour is still used by a few fishermen, their colourful Luzzu sharing the moorings with pleasure craft. Life here is centred on the long harbour promenade with its many open-air cafes and restaurants. The resort has a fine sandy beach which is enjoyed by both locals and Tourists

For much of its past the village was a tranquil backwater, though it has seen its share of the Islands' main historical events. Marsascala Bay made easy landing for Barbary Corsairs and Ottoman Turks who raided the Islands from the middle Ages to the late 17th century. After a large Ottoman fleet landed here in 1614, the Knights set about improving the bay's defences, building the imposing Fort St Thomas in nearby St Thomas' Bay.